Hard Money Loans Houston

A hard money loan in Houston are mainly based on the value of the property as collateral and typically we can loan up to 70 percent of the property after repair value (ARV) in major metopolitan areas in Texas, 65 percent ARV in outlying areas and for those investors needing more leverage, ask us about our hard money 2nd private mortgages that allow up to 80% ARV!

How many more deals can you do with unlimited cash?

If you are tight on schedule and looking for a quick loan process with minimum paperwork, call us. Hard money loans in Harris County are the way to go (almost same as you are purchasing with cash). These have very reasonable interest rates and fees. Hard money loans definitely serve a purpose to those who need money fast.

Hard Money Loans range from $50,000 to $10 millions of dollars. Terms vary but you can have very short terms up from 6 months to 1 year. If that is not long enough, let us know. We are very flexible and use common sense underwriting for those needing more than one year.

Hard Money Lending Tips for our Texas real estate investrors:

If you have a commercial financing need, our company has great programs for you as well. Whether you desire to purchase, refinance, or construct a commercial building, we are your best source for financing.

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